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Vue Js Nedir ve Neden Kullanmalıyız? Virtual DOM Nedir? #1

Nisa Bengisu

Vue js is the preferred javascript library for preparing web interfaces. The name Vue is derived from the word view, in fact, we understand that it is image-oriented in its core structure. It was developed as an open source by one of Google’s employees, Evan You . We can say that it has emerged for large and complex projects.

Vue js has recently become the most popular javascript library . The fact that it provides a lot of convenience in its inclusion in the projects increases its usage day by day. In fact, in its latest update in Github, it managed to overcome React and Angular frameworks with 147 thousand stars and other javascript libraries. So, with what features did it achieve this success?

Let’s take a look at the differences between the Angular and React frameworks of Vue js.

Vue, Angular and React Comparison

  • It is an easier to learn framework than Vue js, React and Angular.
  • Angular and React libraries are quite large but this does not provide the readability that Vue js provides us.
  • Vue js is much faster and more practical in the process of delivering components to the user than React.
  • We cannot provide the flexibility of HTML and CSS in Angular and Vue frameworks while designing front-end with React.
  • Although React and Vue frameworks have Virtual DOM feature, Angular does not have this feature.

I tried to explain the differences between them briefly but if you want to see more detailed, you  can look at Vue js’ website .

What is Virtual DOM?

I think this feature, which also includes Vue js, is its most important and useful feature. So what is this Virtual DOM?

Virtual DOM is included in your project as a real DOM and a virtual DOM. When you make a change to your project, the real DOM is not affected by this change. The changes take place in a virtual DOM structure.

Then, changes are detected by looking at the difference between virtual DOM and real DOM. Changing parts are changed, updated on the real DOM, but unnecessary updates are never made to the parts that do not change.

This structure of Virtual DOM speeds us up.

By comparing Vue js, we have revealed its features, albeit small, and let’s look at its features in a whole way.

Why Use Vue Js?

  • The learning process is extremely easy and fun.
  • It can be added to any project in a practical and fast way.
  • Presenting to us with open source code.
  • Virtual DOM feature.
  • Speeding us up with its small library.
  • To be sustainable.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It is completely user friendly.

Vue js, when we love the user so much, why shouldn’t we? 🙂

As seen in the table, Vue js is a framework that has proven itself in terms of speed. It is certain that we will meet more in the coming days. Vue js is also used in large-scale companies, which shows us how practical, swift and wider it is.

Large sites using Vue js:

  1. Facebook
  2. Netflix
  3. Adobe
  4. Gitlab

If you want to start with a small sample immediately, you can first install and switch to the example below.

For CDN Setup:

You can start by adding the following script tag to the head of your html code.

For Installation with Npm:

Just type $ npm install vue ‘ into the console section .

Let’s do an example about Vue js. Let’s say “Hello” as in all beginnings Activatecomlink.

After installing cdn to your html file, start writing the following codes.

When you run your code, you will see “Hello Vue!” Instead of message as screen output Ahex Technologies .

After saying hello to Vue js, we can now use it in our projects. We also need some plugins when using it in our projects. Vue js provides us with open source. Since Vue js is an image-oriented framework, it can perform operations such as ajax, router, state management through its plugins in Github. You can find the plugins by clicking . 


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