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JavaScript Geliştiricilerinin Favori Araçlarının Analizi

Nisa Bengisu

A new analysis based on data in StackOverFlow has shed light on JavaScript developers’ favorite tools and technologies.

JavaScript remains the most popular language in the world, although it sometimes falls. 90,000 developers took part in StackOverFlow’s survey this year, placing JavaScript among the most comprehensive views of the developer community.

JavaScript developers say that JavaScript is a full-stack programming language that works both on web or local platforms, as well as back-end technologies on servers and can work as front-end technologies . Surprisingly, we see that there are a large number of back-end developers, considering the design of JavaScript as a web file scripting language. This is perhaps due to the increasing popularity of Nodejs due to the server-side operation.

The fact that JavaScript has many frameworks increases the versatility of the language. For example, React Native enables mobile application development with JavaScript, while Electron is a framework that enables desktop application development. This versatility of JavaScript stands out in many areas of developers. Desktop application developer is the most common role for JavaScript developers. Then the mobile app developer, device manager is in the top four.

The Framework JQuery large margin continues to be the most popular framework. JQuery is a framework that is often used to fix JavaScript errors, so it’s surprising to see it retain such an advantage. The other three most popular frameworks below surprise us less. Second place goes to React Native, which is not surprising considering its use for mobile application. The third place goes to Angular, which Google also uses, while the fourth place goes to ASP.NET running on the server side.

Visual Studio Code is the most popular tool for JavaScript developers along with Visual Studio. Given the growing use of Microsoft’s own TypeScript IDE that supports Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio, it is not surprising that Microsoft’s IDEs are growing in popularity.

IntelliJ Idea is the second most popular IDE. It supports JavaScript, TypeScript, React and Angular, but the overall popularity is written in code editor Notepad ++.

When it comes to databases, MySQL still appears first in this area. PostgreSQL is second, Microsoft SQL Server third, and SQLite fourth. MongoDB, a document-based shared database, fell from the top four.

JavaScript developers generally prefer to work on Linux as well as Windows . Container platform Docker, the cloud computing platform AWS, and Google’s mobile operating system Android, Linux and Windows are the three most popular. MacOS is in fourth place.

While most of the results of the analysis of JavaScript developers’ favorite tools are predictable, we also encounter a few surprises. We see that JavaScript is not in a slowing process yet, and it is a popular and increasingly versatile language.



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Nisa Bengisu

Nisa Bengisu

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