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Responsive Tasarımın Önemi Nedir, Neden Kullanılmalı?

Nisa Bengisu

Responsive design means design that can be compatible with both computers and tablets and phones. It is a design that came out in 2010, it has become an indispensable feature in every website.

In 2019 the number of mobile users in Turkey,  76 300 million  that we see. This corresponds to a rate of 93% in our country and in view of Turkey makes the phone very important. In the mobile view of a site made with responsive design, the elements of the site are next to one another, but on computers, the situation is different, pictures and texts are distributed more easily in the side spaces.

The appearance of a responsive website on the computer:

View of the same website on mobile:

When we enter websites that are not designed to be responsive through mobile, we can find it very difficult to fully examine the site and find what we are looking for. He starts his responsive design task right here. Even the site content is not fully understood, and we can only see the photographs and writings by getting closer.

Sites made with responsive design make it easier to access the menu when opened from mobile , all items fit exactly on the screen according to the proportion of the screen and we get a clear view. Ashford portal In short, no matter where a website is accessed, it is designed responsive to have the same effect.

Some standard values ​​for responsive design:

For 4-stage design:

Resolution (pixels) Compatible Devices
Screen – 1 0 – – 767px Mobile Screens
Screen – 2 768 – – 991px Vertical Tablet
Screen – 3 992 – 1199px Horizontal Tablet
Screen – 4 1200px + Laptop – Desktop Computers

For 3-stage design (Most used):

Resolution (pixels) Compatible Devices
Screen – 1 0 – – 767px Mobile Screens
Screen – 2 768 – – 991px Vertical Tablet
Screen – 3 992px + Horizontal Tablet + Desktop

All page elements on the website are linked and sized by proportion, not by pixel value. While a mousepad and mouse on the computer provide us convenience, it is a little more difficult for us to operate with our fingers on mobile devices. As a web designer, we should think a little more touch for the site .

You may want to make an application for your site, but providing an application that provides compatibility for every device is getting harder day by day and responsive design gives us great advantages in this regard. For this reason, we turn our focus to responsive design. I mentioned the advantages of the responsive design as far as I can, but I want you to see it shortly again Kroger feedback.

The advantages of responsive design:

  • Users stay longer on your website
  • Cheaper and time saving
  • Ranking higher in search engines
  • Increasing your customer base
  • Easy to maintain
  • More comfortable and easy access to content

I would like to share with you a code sample on how to use CSS codes.  

Responsive design is a must for web design. I hope I was able to convey useful information ,5e languages I wanted to share as much as I know.

The more a person adapts to life, the more successful it can be and the same goes for our website . A compatible website will always be much more successful.

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